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Today, I would like to talk about changes. This semester has brought a lot of changes in my life, and I have had mixed feelings about them. The way I figure it, the best way to cope with something is to talk about it, so that is what I’m going to do. Read the rest of this entry


Homecoming 2013: Food, Fun, and Fabulous Alumni

Every year LMU you holds a campus-wide celebration to commemorate lasting traditions, new developments, and the students of past and present. Rightly named Homecoming, each year alumni from all around travel back to LMU to participate in events held over the three days’ time. This year’s Homecoming, held from October 10th-12th, was the most memorable and fulfilling Homecoming that I have experienced since coming to LMU, and that’s probably because I was so busy!

Being part of the sorority Kappa Pi Omega has so many perks and rewards, and the unique experience of Homecoming is one of them. My Homecoming experience actually began about two weeks before the actual celebration, when I decided to represent the Kappas and run for Homecoming Queen. My running partner would be my Gamma brother Chuck Sharrett . I have always been outgoing, but not in the Homecoming Queen sort of way. Even though I know a lot of people, and feel confident that I am well-liked, the idea of running terrified and excited me at the same time. I have always wanted to do something like this, but had never given myself the chance. So I decided to put myself out there in the best kind of way! The weekend before Homecoming, flyers were hung, business cards saying “Vote For Chuck and Ashley” were handed out, and I had given out candy at lunch time in an effort to meet new people and attain new votes.  Now, all I could do was hope that the student population had acknowledged my efforts.

The next thing on my Homecoming agenda was the Homecoming Dance on Wednesday night. In the time that I have attended LMU, this was the first time the school had held a dance for Homecoming, and I was very excited. Thanks to the new development of the Student Activities Board, the dance had been put together for the first time. So, the other Kappa Ladies and I got all spiffed up and made our way to the quad to see if this would be a night to remember. Surprisingly, it was one of the best times I’ve had at an LMU formal so far! The tent that was used for many Homecoming events was decorated simply, we danced on grass after kicking our heels off, and everyone was in high spirits. After spending two hours dancing to the music played by the really great DJ from LMU’s own Sigmon Communications Center,  it was time to head home and prepare for the next day’s events.


The Kappa Ladies at the Homecoming Dance

Thursday is usually one of my easy days, but during Homecoming a sorority girl doesn’t rest. Because I was running for Homecoming Queen, I got to enjoy sitting on the Homecoming Court float in the parade. While I was waving and throwing candy beside Chuck, my sisters were performing in our very own Hunger Games float.  To match the  Homecoming theme of “Blazing Trails,” we thought “The Girl on Fire” would be a great twist. I was so proud of my sisters, especially our Secretary Cierra Chambliss for planning the whole thing, because our float was spectacular! Our float was designed like the chariot scene in The Hunger Games, with our Katniss and Peeta riding. On the sides the remaining Kappas were all dressed in Capitol wear and shouting things like “Girl On Fire.” We were all very happy to tie for 3rd place in the float contest.


Fellow blogger and Kappa, Heather Wiles, and me right before the parade!

Friday brought classes and tests, but what I looked forward to all day was the Kappa/Gamma Reunion that occurred that night. One of the best parts about Homecoming for anyone that participates in Greek Life is getting to visit with all of the alumni that came before you. While I am of course biased, I believe that Kappa alumni are some of the funniest, most gracious ladies on this earth. Every year they bring a lot of laughs and great memories to us when they get to visit. After a few hours of food, music, and stories from the last 50 years, we bid goodbye until tomorrow.


Some of the Kappa and Gamma Actives at the Reunion!

Saturday brought the last day of Homecoming and my busiest day yet! That morning I woke up at 8 a.m. to go interview a very nice elderly woman for a class project. Once I made it back to campus, I prepared for the day by curling my hair and putting on a nice dress, because my day was fun-filled, but formal. Once I was ready, I headed up to the Quad and had the BBQ lunch that was provided. There I ran into more of the Kappa alumnae, and after lunch I was more than happy to take some pictures of them around the Quad. Simply seeing how happy they were to be together for Homecoming made me both happy and sad for the future. While I am sure that I will come back for Homecoming when I am an alumna, leaving college and my sisters will be a bittersweet thing. The fact that my junior year has crept up on me has shown me how fast my college experiencing is flying by, and I’m not sure I’m ready to be an alumna any time soon. After lunch, it was time for the All-Sorority Tea. Every year, the three sororities on campus gather at the President’s House with their respective alumnae to enjoy delicious treats, tea, and fond memories. For the actives, the tea is the time to enjoy the alumae and learn about the history and traditions that have carried on in the sorority. For the pledges, the tea is a way for them to learn that sisterhood is more than the here and now, but encompasses many traditions and an extensive history. After plenty of pictures and laughs alike, it was time to leave the tea and head to the LMU Men’s Soccer game where the Homecoming King and Queen would be announced.

As I walked on to the soccer field, counting my blessings that Chuck would not let me fall, I was incredibly nervous to hear the news. As the commentator announced  that Christine Hickman had won Homecoming Queen, I felt so many conflicting emotions. On one hand, I was happy for Christine. On the other, I was disappointed that I had not won. Yet, in the end I decided to be proud of myself for putting myself out there and representing my sorority to the best of my ability.

My Homecoming experience was a crazy, wonderful adventure. Some people may wonder why I put myself through so much, combined with homework and classes. The truth is, I love the traditions that LMU celebrates during Homecoming, especially those of my sorority. From the decoration of the campus, to the packed schedule of activities, to the new memories that are made between alumni and current students, Homecoming is for sure one of my favorite times of the year.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me how your Homecoming adventure played out!