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Research Step Four: Overcoming Obstacles

Hello lovely readers,

Over the past month we have talked about quite a bit of the research process! At this point, our project has metaphorically been accepted by the IRB, and we are ready to proceed with our research. For this post, I’m going to talk about overcoming general obstacles throughout your research.

Possibly the best way for me to share how to recognize and overcome obstacles is to share my own. When I began my research, it was already a challenge deciding on my population. Originally, I wanted to work with nursing home residents, but then I recognized that it would be incredibly hard to gain informed consent. From there I decided I had a better chance at working with assisted-living residents, because generally they are moving, cognitive and independent.

While I was working on getting IRB approval, I began calling assisted-living facilities in Knoxville to gain permission to do my research at the facilities. I probably called ten places, at least three never got back to me, three flat-out said no, and that left me with four options. For the next two months, I consistently called and emailed these facilitates, and by around April I had a facility that said yes. From there, I had to get written approval that I could do my research there, so I received a polite email from the activities coordinator giving me permission. I was so relieved to not have to make any more calls or badger any more people that I let the issue slide for around a month. At the beginning of May, the IRB told me I had to have permission from the director of the facility as well. I emailed him, and when he got back to me I was floored. Apparently, the activities coordinator that had given me permission had found another job, and he told me she had no authority to have given me permission to do research there, and furthermore he told me I could not do my research there.


Being desperate, I emailed him basically begging that we sort something out. He agreed to meet with me, so a week later my advisor and I went to Knoxville and met with the director of the facility. I presented all my paperwork, forms I had developed, and my research goals. He was very understanding, and told me he would contact his superiors to get permission. Later that week, I got written permission to do the research, with stipulations. I was not allowed in any residents rooms, and I had to be supervised. I was so OK with this!

I am telling you guys this long crazy story because I can’t predict what might go awry in your research, but I can encourage you to overcome it. As long as you maintain of level of professionalism and genuineness, you will be able to get your research on track. Next week, we will talk about getting out there and conducting research! If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below.