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Lately during my daily Facebook sessions, I have noticed another trend that is buzzing through social media : character quizzes. Many have been coming from one sight-  Zimbio. Personally, I love seeing the results for these. There are a few different reasons for this. First, it helps me relate to my friends knowing that they enjoy the same shows/movies that I do. Even more than that, I particularly love seeing the results and deciding for myself whether the result the quiz gave them is accurate.  It’s also  interesting to see your own results! So, for kicks and giggles I  decided to take five different quizzes about shows that I enjoy! What I didn’t expect was for these quizzes to teach me lessons about myself that were long overdue.

1) Once Upon a Time:

quiz one For those of you who haven’t seen the show, be sure to check it out here!  As for Snow White, she is the leading lady of this fairy tale show!

What I like about myself as Snow White: She is fierce, loyal, and incredibly independent. She will do anything for those she loves, and is one of the most compassionate people I have ever seen in a television series.

What I don’t like about myself as Snow White: Snow White is incredibly romantic, and sometimes to a fault. Despite being hurt by her Prince Charming in heart-wrenching ways, Snow continues to put her faith in him. While Jared has not hurt me in any way, sometimes I find myself putting too much stock in his opinion than I do my own.

How we can change: It’s time for Snow White and I to become more confident in our own identities instead of our princes’. If we want to be independent women, we need to put ourselves first sometimes.

2) Harry Potter:

quiz 4 Don’t even get me started on the incredible world  of Harry Potter. As the girl that absolutely refused to hop on the bandwagon and read the books until high school, I sorely regret not riding the wagon sooner. The books and movies are, in my opinion, phenomenal, and I am not disappointed with the results of this quiz.

What I like about myself as Hermione: She is incredibly intelligent and witty. She is loyal to her friends and always finds a way to make things work out.

What I don’t like about myself as Hermione: Let’s face the facts: Hermione can be bossy and overbearing at times. She thinks she knows what’s best for everyone. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I do the same things. Even within my sorority, I tend to play mother hen and tell people how to live their lives.  Sadly, this does not always encourage fondness or healthy relationships.

How we can change: I think that both my and Hermione’s attitudes come from the need to take care of the ones we love. Recently, I learned that in order to foster good relationships, I should not state my opinion unless I am asked for it.

3) The Disney Princesses:

quiz 6 Hopefully I do not have to explain to you who the Disney Princesses are. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 30-40 years, you have probably heard of the move Aladdin. While I did not enjoy the movie Aladdin as much as I did some of the other classics (like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast), it is not insulting to be branded as Jasmine.

What I like about myself as Jasmine: Jasmine is incredibly romantic, beautiful, and headstrong. She goes after what she wants and doesn’t settle until she gets it!

What I don’t like about myself as Jasmine: Poor Jasmine gets duped. She is naive and trusts the world around her, which eventually gets her into trouble.  In the same way, I am an inherently trustful person. I don’t believe that anyone will hurt me, and sometimes this leads to me getting taken advantage of.

How we can change: While I don’t think Jasmine and I need to start believing that the world is out to get us, maybe we do need to start safeguarding ourselves from people who don’t have our best interest in mind.

Ok, so far we have looked at some pretty awesome characters! But to my surprise, the other two quizzes I took did not yield such awesome results. For lack of a better phrase, it’s time to go over to the dark side!

4) Game of Thrones:

quiz 3

In this series, Jaime is not exactly the hero or the villain. He has done some very immoral and disgusting things in his life, yet the reader/watcher can’t help but relate and feel pity for him.

What I like about myself as Jaime: Jaime is very intelligent and witty. He is also loyal to those he loves, and usually ends up doing the right thing if someone knocks some sense into him.

What I don’t like about myself as Jaime: Jaime is narcissistic and full of it.  He thinks the world revolves around him and all times and puts himself before others frequently.  This is part of myself that is really hard to look at. Even though I do things for others, I have to wonder if I am doing it for them or for the glory. I tend to have the mindset that if people are talking about someone, they are talking about me. Whether it is accurate or just me being paranoid, it is a narcissistic side that I do not like to face.

How can we change: Jaime and I need to learn that there is a world out there that doesn’t know or care about what we think and how we feel. Once I do this, it will be easier for me to foster healthy relationships and not be paranoid that people are talking about me or dislike me all of the time.

5)  Mean Girls:

quiz 5In my opinion, Mean Girls is a classic. I can probably recite the entire movie, blindfolded.  But besides that, there are characters in Mean Girls you are supposed to love and identify with. Sadly, I never identified with Gretchen Wieners until now.

What I like about myself as Gretchen: She is trendy, basically sweet, and well-liked at school.

What I don’t like about myself as Gretchen: Gretchen is something I never was in school: popular. Unfortunately, her quest for popularity has left her constantly looking for attention and approval from other people. Similarly, I am a people-pleaser. I look to others to tell me whether I am a good person, whether I am doing something right, and frequently what I should do in situations.

How we can change: Gretchen and I need to start asserting ourselves as individuals and start finding strength within. If I continue to care what other people think about me all of the time, I am going to get hurt a lot.

So there it is : I am apparently a combination of Jaime Lannister, Snow White, Gretchen Wieners, Hermoine, and Jasmine. What have I learned from this? Well, quizzes are usually flattering! But there is also some truth to them. I can be witty like Jaime, loyal like Snow White, a people-pleaser like Gretchen Wieners, smart like Hermoine,  and romantic like Jasmine.

Yet, the bigger lesson here is that I need to accept the unsavory parts of me as well.  They make up who I am. Without them, I would not be Ashley. We all love the characters, so it is time for me to accept that I am loved too, my flaws and all.

It is nice to be compared to these icons of popular media and see parts of yourself reflected in them. What characters are you? Comment your results, and make sure to subscribe to the blog!


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