Getting Back Into the Groove

As winter break comes to a close, I have begun to look back and evaluate what I have done with my time.

There was, of course, Christmas. My favorite part of Christmas is actually Christmas Eve, because all of the family on my dad’s side gathers at my grandma’s house and has a good time. This year, we had thirteen people, the famous lasagna, and plenty of presents. Two new additions came to Christmas Eve this year. The first was my baby cousin Emmett, who was born just a few days after Christmas last year. The second addition was my boyfriend Jared. After four years, both of our family’s decided it was time to start having us over during the “ family only” time. After we left my grandma’s, we actually went over to my mom’s parents, and had a small get-together there as well! Needless to say, I was exhausted but happy at the end of Christmas Eve.

I love my grandma's little Christmas city!

I love my grandma’s little Christmas city!

On Christmas day, I began by traditionally gathering with my immediate family and opening presents. After a few hours of being lazy and eating food, I prepared to go over to Jared’s house for the first time on Christmas. There, we opened presents, and then went out to see a movie. At the end of the day, I met back up with my family and had a delicious dinner that my mom had cooked especially for Christmas. Overall, this was one of my favorite Christmases. Being 20, I was finally mature enough to realize that, at the end of the day, I didn’t really care about the presents, but valued the time I got to spend with all of my family and Jared. I am truly blessed.

The second major event of my break was actually New Year’s Eve. This was the fifth New Year I had celebrated with Jared, but normally we chill out at one of our parents’ houses. This year, we actually traveled three hours to one of my sorority sister’s house to celebrate. There were a ton of people I didn’t know, but they sure knew how to have a good time. We played Scrabble, Pictionary, and brought in the New Year with live music and fireworks! Afterward, we watched a movie that I can’t even remember the name of because I was so tired. I am definitely an 11 o’clock girl, and staying up until 5AM was a feat for me. Again, this was one of my favorite New Year’s that I can remember!

Now that the festivities are over, I am looking back at my break and realizing that even though I had some really great times, I have been a really bad procrastinator. Here’s my list of what I was supposed to get done over the break:

  • Write my blogs in advance.
  • Apply for the Colonel B. Ledford research scholarship, which includes a LOT of paperwork and paper writing.
  • Clean my car. And by that, I mean tear out the roof.
  • Make flyers for my sorority.
  • Assign articles for the sorority newsletter.
  • Help my cousin practice for his Learner’s Permit.
  • Finish crocheting a scarf and a blanket that I have been working on for months.
This is the reason I need to tear the roof out of my car...

This is the reason I need to tear the roof out of my car…

Sadly, up until yesterday, I had not done ANY of these things. I am starting to feel the pressure, because I have basically done nothing but work at the daycare and have a good time this break. Because I am moving back to campus in just a few days, I thought it might be a good idea to make myself a list of things to remember that will ease the transition back to school. And why not share it with you too?

Packing your things:

If you are anything like me, you have been living out of your suitcase for the past three weeks, and haven’t exactly been doing a good job at that either. My advice for packing up? Start early. The first thing I do is gather all of my Christmas presents that I don’t really have an immediate use for, and put it in my car or set it aside. Next, as the day to move gets closer, I begin to consolidate my clothes, and even pick out my next few outfits and pack up the rest. I always bring more clothes than I actually need home, but you never know what you may need! When the day to move in comes around, don’t forget all your shoes, your toiletries, and other miscellaneous items that you just couldn’t live without. I am talking about your phone charger here, people.

Preparing for the new semester:

Now, you may want to wait for some of these things until the day you move back in, but nevertheless there are quite a few things you can do to feel completely prepared for the beginning semester. First, find a whiteboard, planner, piece of paper, or whatever you use, and write down your class schedule, including where your classes are. The first week of classes is always stressful, and you do not want to spend it trying to remember when your next class is. My planner is full of my first week of classes and work schedule combined, so that I can get in the groove of my new schedule. Though some people buy all of their books ahead of time, I only buy the books I know I will be using, and wait until after the first few days of classes to order the rest. Some classes may have a book assigned but won’t use it much, and one great option is to split the cost of the book with a friend! This way you save money but also have the material you need.  Also, in my case, I write down all of the things I need to do the first week of school, and when, so that my semester starts as smoothly as possible. Sadly, I must incorporate all of the things I procrastinated on over the break as well!

Move-in day:

Moving back to school can be crazy, or super simple. I am actually changing rooms this semester, so I have to completely unpack all of my belongings and get my room situated. If you are not switching rooms, there are still some things you might want to get accomplished before the first day of class. Unpack! You don’t want to continue living out of that suitcase your first week back. This includes putting everything where it belongs, finding somewhere for those Christmas presents, and doing your laundry. I know, laundry is hard. Then, I like to go to the grocery store and stock up one the food that I always keep at school. For me, milk granola bars, and snacks are a must! It may feel like a lot of work after chilling out all of break, but you will feel better if everything is ready for your first day back!

My break has been wonderfully lazy and fun, but now it is time to get back into the groove of college. I hope your break has been awesome as well! Feel free to comment your own back-to-school routines!


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